High end cashmere and crystal winter fashion by Elyse Allen Textiles.
Model wearing Swarovski crystal embellished cashmere poncho and fingerless gloves by Elyse Allen Textiles.

Welcome to Elyse Allen Textiles

Where we carefully knit, wash, felt, steam, finish, block, hand sew, meticulously seam, embellish, and painstakingly make each piece by hand with love. Everything that comes out of the studio is made with care and made to stand the test of time. We believe in wasting nothing and caring about everything.


Our Philosophy

Every Piece Made By Hand

Everything passes through our eyes and hands. We thoughtfully design, carefully knit, wash, felt, hand seam, block, steam, finish, meticulously embellish, and create each piece by hand!

With All Our Love

Each piece is made with all of our love and attention, for you to care for, adore and live with for many, many years. We firmly stand behind the craftswomanship and longevity of the cashmere pieces that come out of our little studio.

Using The Finest Materials

We source the finest raw materials from Scotland that we can to create our luxurious knitwear. We embellish our pieces with Austrian crystals and create durable knitwear that can withstand years of enjoyment.

All From Santa Fe

We relocated from downtown Manhattan to sunny Santa Fe, NM almost six years ago. We are a small group of devoted makers with loads of practice and patience. The designs and the knitwear stand the test of time and win the race against fast fashion with very little waste.